We offer you following options:

Tours are made in ENG and DE language, after agreement in advance
we are able to arrange tours also in other languages.

120 minutes50€
  • Historic center, castle, presidential palace +
    tour of all monuments +
    crossing of the Danube
90 minutes 40€
  • Segway tour of the castle and riverbank
60 minutes 30€
Free ride on a
  • Special Segway tours. Ideal for friends, family and colleagues from work!
120 minutes50€
From Communist dictatorship to
modern Bratislava
  • + tour of the most famous Communist buildings
    + communist buildings which are still in goverment use
    + radical changes in Bratislava after the fall of the regime
    + what is, and what isn’t better nowdays and why?
120 minutes 50€
The beginnings of Christianity from the Middle Ages to Bratislava of today
  • + most important religious monuments
    + tour of monasteries, churches and chapels
    + religious paths in historic Presporok (Bratislava)
    + forgotten religious monuments
120 minutes 50€
Sunrise over Bratislava
  • + not admitted old town zones
    + castle view to Danube river, Austria and to Hungary
    + monuments tour without crowds of people
    + cup of coffee with sunrise

Bratislavatour on Segway

  • See the main monuments while riding a Segway.
  • Your safety is very important to us.
  • You will be thoroughly trained before the ride to feel comfortable on the Segway.
  • Our guides will then take you to famous and lesser know places of the historic part of Bratislava.
  • They will introduce you the city and its history in an interesting and entertaining way.
  • It will be the highlight of your stay in Bratislava.

AroundBratislava on Segway


You feel like you are “floating” on air on a Segway


You can see all the monuments in Bratislava at a fraction of the time


You will undergo training, you will receive a reflective vest and a helmet before the dire, and an experienced instructor will lead you.


You don’t have to walk for kilometers; Segway will get you where you want to go without a single step.