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Complete tour of Bratislava

120 minutes - 50€

Our most detailed tour, where we take you through the Bratislava extramural settlement to the top of the castle hill with the beautiful view of the city. On our way down we will go through the streets of Old Bratislava to the presidential palace with its garden. Our tour will continue through the historic center of the town with its important monuments, from where we will move through the “old-new (green) bridge” to the other side of the Danube, to the green rest and relaxation zone, the garden of Janko Kráľ. Subsequently we will go from the Petržalka river side through the SNP bridge back to the Old town.


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You'll see:

  • Tyrs embankment of Danube

    One of the best summer chill out spots in Bratislava. Imagine hot sand under your feet while you listen to live concerts, attend a dance class or just enjoy some drinks while looking at Danube. Add some great cocktails, a lively atmosphere and a view of the castle and city and we guarantee you will enjoy yourself. That’s all here. No wonder the Magio beach is a popular place not only for tourists but also locals.

  • Janko Kral City Park

    This is one of the oldest European public parks in and the oldest public park in central Europe. It was established during the 1770's with the intention of creating a park for everyone. The alleys were set up in the shape of an eight-leg star under the influence of baroque classicism. Each was named after the corresponding species of tree that is planted there (alder, maple, willow, etc.). Today, we see the park after two big renovations one in the 1970's and later in 2006.

  • Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising

    Classified as the biggest bridge in Bratislava it is also the world's longest cable-stayed bridge to have one pylon and one cable-stayed plane. It is an asymmetrical steel bridge with a main span length of 303 m. The construction is suspended from cables, connected on the south side with two pillars. The total length of the bridge is 430.8 m, its width 21 m, and it weighs 537 t. A special attraction is the saucer-shaped restaurant, called UFO on the bridge's 84.6 m pylon. The restaurant is reached using an elevator located in the east pillar, and offers a good view of Bratislava. The west pillar is used as an emergency staircase with 430 stairs.

  • The St. Martin's Cathedral

    It is the largest church in Bratislava, known especially for being the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563 and 1830. The constructions stared in 1311 and it was consecrated in 1452. With it's impressive maximal hight of 85 meters (279 ft), the cathedral dominates the city skyline. The tower is capped by a replica of the Hungarian crown resting on a gilded pillow. One of the more famous monarchs to be crowned here was Maria Theresa.

  • Bratislava Castle

    The castle building has four towers and a courtyard with a 80 m (260 ft) deep water well. The largest and tallest tower is the Crown Tower, this tower dates to the 13th century and housed the crown jewels pf Hungary for approximately 200 years beginning in the mid-1500s. The oldest traces of inhabitants come from the Baden culture. They were the first known culture to have constructed settlements on the castle hill around 3500 BC. The oldest surviving written record of the castle dates from the year 907 in connection to a major battle between Hungarians and Bavarians. Having survived the Napoleonic artillery attacks it burned down in 1811. After many unsuccessful attempts it was finally reconstructed in the 1950's. It was decided that the castle should look the way it did after the last reconstruction in the 18th century.

  • Parliament

    To the west from the Bratislava Castle is the controversial building of the Slovak National Council. Despite many protests against the construction near the castle and modern architecture in has served as the parliament since 1994.

  • Trinity Church

    The church was built in the 1725 in the high baroque style. The design of this church is thought to copy the St. Peter's Church in Vienna. The main portal celebrating the Holy Trinity is richly decorated in the rococo style. It's interesting since it has a central, elliptical floor unlike most catholic churches in Slovakia.

  • The Grassalkovich Palace

    The rococo building of the Presidential Palace was built by Count Grassalkovich, President of the Hungarian Royal Chamber, in 1760. During socialism it was used as an activity centre for Bratislava's schoolchildren. From the 1950's until 1996 when it was reconstructed and used as the presidential residence ever since. Part of the palace is also a French style garden which is now public and also the Chapel of St. Barbara.

  • Old Markett Hall

    The old market hall in Bratislava was designed by Gyula Laubner who was an urban engineer. The construction was completed on the 31th October 1910 and it began being used the next day. It was used as a market hall until 1960. Then it was used as a television studio until 1982. It was reconstructed in 1990 and nowadays it's used for concerts and markets on Saturdays.

  • Saint Elizabeth Church

    Church of St. Elizabeth, built in 1913, was dedicated to Elizabeth of Hungary, daughter of Hungarian king Andrew II. Because of its distinctive colour it's also known as the Blue Church. It originally belonged to the high school next to it and used to serves as the school chapel.