Sunrise over Bratislava

120 min - 50€

For those of you, who appreciate peaceful and quiet mornings, we would like to offer an early birds tour through Bratislava old town:


To book other tours, as well as possible time changes please contact us as soon as possible

You'll see:

  • The heart of the old city

    Our trip will start (depends of the time of year,between 6 and 7am) right in the heart of the old city,the area which would be later in the day congested with heavy traffic of people.

  • From below the Michael's Gate

    From below the Michael's Gate-the only remaining city gate,our journey will take up thought the historical area beneath the castle, and than us to the plateau of castle. If blessed with clear weather we should be rewarded with the spectacular view of river Danube belove up with the view ranging as far as Austrian Alps and Hungary.(don't forget your camera,because of less traffic this time of the day you will have a great opportunity to take many beautifull pictures)

  • The st.Martin's Cathedral

    On our way down we will stop to have a look at the largest and most popular church in Bratislava, the st.Martin's Cathedral , the church of great historical significance.

  • Historical part of the Bratislava old town

    From st.Martin's Cathedral we will slowly continue trough historical part of the Bratislava old town. Our way will be lined with the old beautifully renovated historical buildings.

  • Refreshing cup of hot coffey with sun up

    On this way we will be able to avoid tourist rush hours, and just in time we will be ready to enjoy a refreshing cup of hot coffey with sun up...

**Minimum of 4 people are required for this tour and of course, nice weather ☺.

In case that less group than 4 wants to do the tour, it is possible, but the price of 4 people has to be charged anyway.